BitMetrics profile

We are an AI-first company

We are experts in the development of data solutions based on artificial intelligence, statistics and mathematical optimization and deliver highly efficient AI solutions (software and services) for companies of all sizes.
We consistently invest in Research and Innovation for the development of proprietary models that help our clients solve real-world challenges and problems.

A young, promising Start-Up

Founded in Barcelona in June 2017, we work in the automation of a variety of business and manufacturing processes to increase operational efficiency and empower workers at the same time.
We are hosted in the Glòries incubator of Barcelona Activa located at the heart of the city’s innovation district 22@.
We are co-funded by the European Commission and The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), which is a Public Business Entity which fosters the technological development and innovation of Spanish companies.

We are a diverse team

We are a team of experienced experts in business, mathematics, data analysis and programming able to leverage state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence, computer vision and robotics to generate immediate business value for companies.
We offer an open and flexible work environment. We value the potential of diversity and are committed to building a culture where everyone can thrive and find meaning in their work.

We strive for excellence

Excellence is about how you contribute to others, and it differentiates extraordinary people. Our team shares a passion for learning, solving problems, helping others and tackling business challenges through AI.
We embrace the saying ‘where there's a will there's a way’ and are always keen to share valuable knowledge and insights with other teams to help them achieve amazing results.

What we do

We develop AI solutions for a wide variety of tasks and sectors and proprietary products in the field of computer vision and robotics.


Saas platform for the automation of vision and robotic-based processes

Computer vision

Deep Learning solutions related to classification or object detection for a wide range of tasks

Custom AI solutions

Custom-made prediction and optimization solutions for a wide range of tasks in multiple sectors