Pushing the limits of machine vision

We are experts in industrial Computer Vision.
From the most simple to top-notch solutions, we help achieve higher levels of accuracy and introduce flexibility that easily adapts artificial vision systems in real time to changing environments

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Our key knowledge domains

Our success and strength reside in our team’s academic expertise and background combined with accumulated years of experience implementing these technologies in manufacturing companies. We create and offer easy-to-use, plug & play products and solutions enabling automation to clients of all sizes.

Computer vision

We make the most out of any camera. We are hardware agnostic and can implement the optimal choice for your solution.

artificial intelligence

Our expertise, we can make a difference with Machine Learning, Mathematics, Deep Learning, Statistics… 


We work with collaborative and industrial robots using the specific actuator relevant for your application.

At BitMetrics, our focus is the automation of vision-based processes to increase efficiency

We take ownership of the whole process, from image acquisition to the implementation of the specific action that can be mechanical, robotic or a combination of machine and workers in-the-loop. Our mission is to ensure that the process runs in a robust and reliable manner, always within the expected time cycle.

In case of doubt, a feasibility study goes first

Before committing to an investment you may need to validate that the technology works for your particular application. Learn how we ensure there will be no surprises.

Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase I
With financial support from CDTI. NEOTEC Program
ministerio de industria y comercio

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