A feasibility study helps you save time and money A feasibility study helps you save time and money

A feasibility study helps you save time and money

Because we know the importance of getting things right first time, we recommend performing a feasibility study that will significantly improve the success chances of your application whilst taking care of your budget.


Most frequent questions and answers

The feasibility study includes between 8 and 12 business hours fully dedicated to the analysis of your project by our team of experts in Machine Vision, AI and Robotics at our lab in Barcelona. This means we put our assets at your service.

Experience has shown us that we cannot offer Feasibility Studies for free. Instead we have set a symbolic price, this way we make sure that: (1) that the company asking for support is committed to its own project and (2) we do not misuse our resources.

Our experience has also shown us that 8-12 hours are sufficient for the significant majority of the projects. However, if additional time is needed we will let you know and we can both decide on how to proceed.

We take each project with confidentiality and respect and are comfortable with signing a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your interests and ours.

You can! And we highly encourage you to do so! Simply contact us and we will be happy to be of assistance.

Even if your project is at a preliminary stage and needs more time for definition, a conversation with experts in certain domains can help you consider all the options and better define your requirements.

Trusted Advisors

We are also certified assesors in the implementation of Industry 4.0 projects by Acció, the Catalan Government’s agency for enterprise competitiveness.

If your company is a Catalan SME (small and medium enterprise) we can help you obtain funding for industrial automation and digitisation of your processes.

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Industry 4.0 + Industrial Automation + Machine Vision + Robotics